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Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting offers numerous benefits for your vehicle

UV Protection

Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting passengers and preserving the interior.


Enhances privacy for you and your belongings inside the car.

Heat Reduction

Significantly reduces interior heat, making your drive more comfortable and reducing the need for air conditioning.

These advantages not only improve your driving experience but also contribute to the longevity and value of your vehicle.

Our Work in Focus

Explore our Gallery to see the difference our car window tinting services make.

Why Choose Us?

Explore what makes our car window tinting service a cut above the rest in Brisbane.

From our dedication to using only the highest quality materials to our personalised approach to each project, we’re here to ensure your vehicle not only looks its best but offers you the comfort and protection you deserve.

Pricing and Personalised Quotes

Our prices begin at $200 for our standard tinting package, ensuring you receive premium service from skilled technicians.

For a detailed estimate that matches your car’s model and your preferences, reach out to us.

Our team is ready to help select the right tinting option for you, providing a personalised quote to meet your specific needs.

Our Tinting Options

We offer a range of tint shades to suit every need and style, ensuring your car not only looks great but also provides the protection and privacy you require. Our options include:

Each option is designed with your vehicle’s aesthetics and functionality in mind, allowing for customisation to meet your specific needs.


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Scott & Lynda MacLellan
Scott & Lynda MacLellan
23 November 2023

When I went to collect my new Landcruiser, I realised that they had accidentally tinted it with an average product. However, I called Peter and he booked me in to fix my issue. He took off the tint and replaced it with a much higher quality one. The difference was truly remarkable. The level of communication I received and the quality of the final product surpassed any other new car tinting experiences I have had. In fact, my business partner was so impressed with the outcome of my car that he decided to get his car tinted as well. Don’t use anyone else, you won’t be sorry.

Karl Sugden
Karl Sugden
20 November 2023

Very professional and very pleasant to deal with , he did exactly what he said and a very top quality job indeed

Cass Ford
Cass Ford
17 November 2023

I am so happy with the tint on my motorhome windows. Peter did a wonderful job and his communication and pricing was the best around. He was also able to fit in tinting the windows on my mum’s car on the same day and she was over the moon. We’ll definitely be recommending Art of Tinting to everyone. Thank you Peter.

Christine Suddock
Christine Suddock
13 November 2023

110% if you are considering having your windows done to reduce the heat or glare in your home, call Peter! The difference is unbelievable. I could hardly go into my room in the afternoons due to the heat, but with the tinting, it has made an incredible difference, and it has also improved the aesthetic of the room.
Their professionalism, customer service, pricing and just overall friendliness made it an absolute pleasure to do business with them. Absolutely can’t recommend these guys more highly.

30 October 2023

Took me a while to find the time to get my car off the road to get tinting done. Pete was very helpful and understanding! Awesome result, can't recommend highly enough

Sam VG
Sam VG
25 October 2023

Peter, from Art of tinting, was informative, prompt, professional, gave options & provided a superior customer service. I’ll use him again.

Tamara Monteret
Tamara Monteret
11 October 2023

Always great quality that lasts! Have had many cars & home windows done over the years and always been very happy! Pete is your tint expert

Paul Brisbane
Paul Brisbane
10 October 2023

Peter from Art of Tint has done our house & new car with outstanding results all round. Would highly recommend Pete & the team for all your tinting needs…

12 September 2023

Terrific Pete from Art of Tinting very Professional
Happy with my bedroom Tint will be getting more done soon.thanks again

Peter Yates
Peter Yates
18 April 2023

Best on Price, best on quality product, best on detail and installation. Very happy with Pete. The ceramic window tint recommended by Pete has reduced the heat in the car substantially and removed glare without making it harder to see through at night. The central location in Capalaba made it easy as well, thanks Pete.

Legal Considerations

Our tinting services fully comply with Queensland’s stringent window tinting regulations, ensuring all installations meet legal light transmission levels for safety and visibility.

We stay updated on all legal requirements to guarantee your vehicle not only benefits from enhanced aesthetics and protection but also adheres to state laws, eliminating any legal concerns for you.

The Tinting Process

Our tinting process is designed to be straightforward and efficient:

This hassle-free approach ensures a smooth experience from start to finish, providing you with professional results that enhance your vehicle’s look and functionality.

Ready for a Change?

Upgrade your vehicle’s look and feel with our premium window tinting service.

Experience the Art of Tinting difference today!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Queensland, window tinting is legal as long as it complies with the state’s regulations regarding the visible light transmission (VLT) levels.

  • For front side windows, the VLT must be at least 35%, meaning the tint must allow at least 35% of light through.
  • For rear windows and rear side windows, darker tints are allowed. These laws ensure driver visibility and safety while allowing the benefits of window tinting.

It’s important to choose a reputable tinting service that understands and adheres to these legal requirements to avoid penalties.

In Queensland, you can choose the darkness of your car window tint, but it must comply with the state’s regulations for visible light transmission (VLT).

As mentioned earlier, the legal VLT limit for vehicles is 35% for the front side windows and can be lower for the rear side and back windows.

When selecting the darkness of your tint, it’s important to balance your preference for privacy and aesthetics with these legal requirements to ensure your vehicle is road legal.

The longevity of window tint depends on several factors, including:

  • the quality of the film used,
  • the quality of the installation,
  • the amount of direct sunlight the car is exposed to,
  • and the care given to the windows after installation.

Generally, high-quality window tints installed by professionals can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more.

It’s important to follow aftercare instructions provided by the tinting service to ensure maximum durability.

Regular cleaning with proper materials and protecting the tint from scratches can help extend its life.

The duration of the tinting process can vary depending on the type of vehicle and the complexity of the job. Typically, you can expect the tinting to take approximately two to three hours for a standard car. Larger vehicles or those with complex window shapes may take longer.

At Art of Tinting, we stand by the quality of our work with a solid warranty covering our tinting services. This warranty guarantees our tints against fading, peeling, bubbling, and cracking, ensuring that your investment is protected.

We provide detailed warranty terms upon completion of our services, giving you peace of mind and assurance in the durability of our window tints.

Yes, window tint can be removed. At Art of Tinting, we use methods that ensure the original glass is not damaged during the removal process. Whether you’re returning a leased vehicle, updating your car’s appearance, or replacing old tint, our professionals can assist with removing the old film safely and effectively.