Automotive Tinting

At Art of Tinting we have been tinting for over 20 years and we know window tinting! That is why you can rest assured that we can recommend and install the right film for you. The many benefits of tinting the windows in your car range from reducing heat, glare infra red and U.V light, to the safety, security and privacy of your vehicle. Most importantly it makes your car look bling!

No matter what brand or shade of window film you use, all our tints have a UV filter that will reject 99% of U.V radiation.

Click on the links below to read more on the products we use:

► Omega Plus
► IR75
► Sigma Pro
► 3M™ Crystalline Automotive Films
► 3M™ Colour Stable Automotive Window Films
Auto Shades vary, below are their percentages:

Lightest tint ♦  80%  75%  70%  60%  55%  45%  35%  25%  20%  18%  15%  10%  5%  ♦ Darkest tint

The difference being the amount of heat and glare reduced, darker tint will reduce more heat and glare than lighter ones.
Use our simulator below to see the varies of tints:

3M Window films simulator